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The purpose of the Christopher Pichon II Foundation is to increase awareness among economically disadvantaged youth and their parents about the importance of annual check-ups, fitness, and healthy eating habits, as well as to prevent possible heart-related tragedies with early detection of problems. The mission is to conduct free health fairs comprised of cardiovascular risk assessments for children ages 5-16 in neighborhoods where the greatest benefit can be achieved.

On June 13, 2009, the foundation sponsored its 1st Free Community Health Fair in the Sunnyside area in Houston, Texas. With summer approaching and more children participating in youth sports, the emphasis was good health awareness for young student-athletes. Volunteers from UTMB and Kelsey Seybold conducted blood pressure and glucose checks. Over 300 children and over 100 adults participated in the health checks, as well as received health awareness information from vendors including Texas Children's Hospital, The Children's Museum, The Public Department of Health, and The Houston Public Library. Special guests in attendance included Congressman Al Green, State Representative Alma Allen, mayoral candidate Gene Locke, and several foundation sponsors and donors.

As Chris II would have graduated from Booker T. Washington High School this past May, the 1st Health Fair sponsored by his foundation occurred at a significant time!

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